The May 2023 Resif Newsletter is out. It is the 23rd and also the last one! The efforts made to create the administrative structure of the new IR Epos-France effectively put all the chances on our side so that the Consortium Agreement is signed by the 19 partners this summer and that in October 2023 Epos-France takes over from Résif-Epos.

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In the “Vie de Résif” section of this issue, you will read some news from ERIC EPOS, with the launch of its Integrated Core Services, the announcement of a new SMM Specific Action, the current status and future tracks for the RLBP, a portrait of Vanessa Martray and a return on the mobilization of our community after the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

The “Recherche” section makes us travel with the seismological monitoring in Reunion Island, the monitoring of the ice thickness in Svalbard, the study of the geoid in Bangladesh and the excursions of the FACT axis of the Transverse Action on Seismicity in the North-West of France. We also talk about event discrimination by Deap Learning,

In “Ingenierie“, the MACIV project is deploying a seismological network in the Massif Central and the Talisker program is measuring gravity in Kerguelen. Meanwhile, in France, engineers are testing OBS sensors and broadband seismometers.

The Agenda includes a few upcoming events, including the 1st Epos-France Meeting, which will take place in November near Nice and will be the occasion to officially launch the infrastructure.

Couverture Lettre Résif n°23, mai 2023