Thematic groups in Epos-France


In line with the EPOS Thematic Core Services (TCS) at European level, the Epos-France research infrastructure is organized into Thematic Groups (TG). A TG is a grouping of specific and transversa Actions that contribute directly or indirectly to an EPOS TCS.

For example, the Specific Actions RLBP, Rap, Sismob and SMM, as well as the Transverse Actions SI-S and Sismicité, are grouped within the Epos-France Seismology TG and contribute to the EPOS Seismology TCS.

When a theme does not yet exist at European level, a TG can be set up to structure and organize the community at national level and promote it at European level.

TGs have no structure of their own, and therefore do not operate on a centralized basis. They are groups within which regular meetings are organized between all those responsible for specific and cross-disciplinary actions within the TG, in the form of work and information meetings, scientific and technical exchange days bringing together the whole of the community concerned, or any other action designed to ensure coherence and cohesion within the TG, as well as its smooth running internally and in relation to the European level.

Three thematic groups were created at the launch of IR Epos-France in November 2023, corresponding to the themes of the Résif-Epos research infrastructure: TG Seismology, TG Geodesy GNSS and TG Gravimetry (without correspondence in EPOS for the latter). The gradual integration into the Epos-France RI of new themes corresponding to the EPOS Thematic Core Services is accompanied by the creation of corresponding TGs.


Organisation des groupes thématiques Epos-France en janvier 2024

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