Spectific action RGP / IGN permanent GNSS network


The Spectific action RGP / IGN permanent GNSS network is part of the Geodesy GNSS thematic groupe of Epos-France. The RGP is a collaborative network of permanent GNSS stations. Managed and federated by IGN, it brings together some fifty partners, both public (local authorities, educational and research establishments, Rénag, for which the RGP broadcasts data from around sixty stations) and private (private real-time networks, farms, manufacturers/distributors of GNSS or navigation equipment, etc.).
At the beginning of 2023, the network counted 523 active stations. It covers mainland France as well as the French overseas departments of Guyana, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint-Barthélémy, Saint-Martin, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, Réunion and Mayotte.

The RGP also contributes to the European Permanent Network (EUREF Permanent Network), on the one hand by constituting an important densification of the EPN in mainland France, and on the other hand through IGN’s contribution as an EPN analysis center.

Observation data from the network’s stations are collected at the RGP data centers, where the files are checked and formatted before release. Almost all stations supply observation files on an hourly basis, with 1-second sampling. Calculations are carried out periodically on network data.

The missions of the RGP, consistent with those of the IGN, are to :

  • provide GNSS positioning users with a means of accessing the legal coordinate reference system for their territory, by publishing the official coordinates of the network’s stations in this reference system, as well as station observation files and online calculation services;
  • enable the monitoring and maintenance of reference systems.

RGP data and products are distributed under the Etalab Open License (CC:BY 2.0 compatible) via the distribution infrastructure implemented by IGN. The RGP’s contribution to Epos-France is therefore essentially to promote the use of these data within the scientific community and beyond, by making them available on other distribution portals.


The RGP Specific Action within the framework of Epos-France aims to improve the dissemination of GNSS data from RGP stations to the scientific community and other users, and to broaden their use through the TTA SI-GNSS and, at European level, EPOS-GNSS services.

In brief

  • Web site: rgp.ign.fr
  • Thematic group: geodesy TG
  • Instrumentation: Permanent
  • Supervisor and web contact: Sébastien Saur, IGN
  • Participating partners: IGN
  • Other participants