Epos-France Geodesy GNSS Thematic Group


Picrogramme du TCS Données GNSSLike the other Thematic Groups, the EPOS-France GNSS Geodesy TG has no structure of its own, and therefore no centralized operations. It is a collective body within which regular meetings are organized between all the TG’s (specific or transversal) action leaders, in the form of work and information meetings. Action managers also organize scientific and technical exchange days for the entire community concerned.


Geodesy GNSS TG’s Actions

  • SA Rénag / Specific action Permanent national GNSS networkt
  • SA RGP / Specific action IGN permanent GNSS network
  • SA GPSmob / Specific action GNSS mobile park
  • TTA SI-GNSS / Transverse thematic action GNSS information system