Near-fault observatories Thematic core service

Pictogramme TCS observatoires in-situ des failles​The Near Fault Observatories (NFO) are long term research infrastructures striving to provide such multidisciplinary and high resolution near fault data and products.

All data, products and services are presented and detailed on the CRL (Corinth Rift Laboratory) website. The CRL’s French partners are also described on the site. The main products available are :

Continuous waveforms: seismometers, extensometers, tide gauges

Data from seismological stations (velocimeters and accelerometers), extensometers and tide gauges are available via the RESIF Seismological Data Portal (French national center) and the NOA Seismological Data Portal (Greek national center). Both data centers are connected to EPOS via EIDA, and the virtual network _NFOCRL is used to identify the data.

Earthquake parameters

A seismicity catalog is available on the CRL portal and is connected to EPOS via a webservice. Earthquake parameters and focus mechanisms are also made available by the National Observatory of Athens and the University of Patras.

GNSS data and products

Data are available via the CRL portal, along with various products (time series, coordinates, tropospheric delays, skyplot residuals, etc.).

INSAR data and products

Data are available via the CRL portal, as well as various products (interferograms, velocities, etc.). The CRL portal also contains data on geology, historical seismicity and much more.

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