Transverse action: Coordination of the French contribution to EPOS

Scope and objectives

The aim of the Coordination of French participation in EPOS TA is to implement the coordination of French contributions to EPOS. It does not deal with operational aspects. It has four main areas of activity:

  • Drawing up recommendations on the French position in EPOS: scientific and technical strategy, arrangements for French participation, creation of new services and Thematic Core Services, operation of EPOS;
  • Internally, share information and support French involvement in EPOS;
  • Contribute to the external communication of Epos-France, in particular by participating in the activities of the Transverse Action on Communication and Valorisation on aspects related to EPOS;
  • collaborate scientifically and technically within the framework of EPOS by encouraging participation in national, European and international scientific projects related to EPOS, by promoting the sharing of information on such projects and calls for tender and by monitoring and informing internally on the progress of such projects.

In brief

  • Responsable and contact: Karin Sigloch
  • Participating partners: OCA, Eost
  • EPOS