Epos-france Seismology Thematic Group

Pictogramme du TCS sismologieThe Seismology Thematic Group federates all Epos-France actions dedicated to seismological observation of the Earth system, based on permanent seismological networks, mobile instrument fleets, data management and distribution tools, and the production of products, notably concerning the seismicity of France.

The role of the Seismology TG is to coordinate all these actions, to facilitate interactions between the various players involved, on both scientific and technical levels, and to ensure a continuous link with the EPOS Seismology TCS and its three pillars ORFEUS, EMSC and EFEHR.

Seismology TG’s Actions

  • AS RLBP / Action spécifique Réseau large bande permanent
  • AS Rap / Action spécifique Réseau accélérométrique permanent
  • AS Sismob / Action spécifique Parc sismologique mobile
  • AS-SMM / Action spécifique Sismologie mobile marine
  • ATT SI-S / Action transverse thématique Système d’information sismologique
  • ATTS / Action transverse thématique Sismicité