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Epos-France Newsletter

Following on from the Résif-Epos Newsletter, the Epos-France Newsletter is aimed at the geosciences scientific community, as well as the institutional partners of the Research Infrastructure and anyone interested in the topics covered. Published twice a year by e-mail in PDF format and in print, it provides information on Epos-France’s activities, its operations and the major results obtained from its data.

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Graphic guidelines and communication tools

On this page you’ll find graphic elements (logos), templates and information about Epos-France’s corporate identity.

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The Epos-France glossary can be accessed directly. It is also operational on all the contents of this website: each term present in the glossary is underlined with dotted lines. Simply hover the mouse over the term to access its definition in abbreviated format. You can then choose to view the entire record.

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ObservaTerre, the Epos-France website for the general public

This site is designed for a non-specialist audience. Its contents have been developed or validated by scientists involved in Epos-France.

On this site :

  • observe the Earth’s movements, particularly in France,
  • discover the sciences and the scientists who study them,
  • understand how the instruments that measure them work,
  • the social and environmental issues behind them.

The main sections of the site: Seismicity of France, Geophysics for all, Geophysics in the classroom, Taking part, Resources. In addition to navigation via the menus, we have selected certain content for direct access by profile.

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L’ObservaTerre (french only)

Educational Youtube channel

The Epos-France Youtube channel features videos produced by the French Seismological and Geodetic Network (Résif-Epos), which became Epos-France on October 6, 2023. From 2011 to 2023, Résif-Epos deployed modern instrumentation (seismometers, GNSS stations and gravimeters) in mainland France to measure the deformation of the earth’s surface. Like Résif-Epos, Epos-France is coordinated by the CNRS’s Institut National des Sciences de l’Univers and involves the majority of French universities and organizations involved in geosciences research. With a broader thematic scope than Résif-Epos, Epos-France is an infrastructure dedicated to the study of the solid Earth in all its diversity and complexity. Epos-France represents France’s participation in EPOS, the European research infrastructure whose mission is to integrate national and transnational RIs tasked with monitoring and understanding the complex, dynamic system of the solid Earth.

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Chaîne Youtube Epos-France

Hal science

Epos-France’s collection includes :

  • documents illustrating the life of the French research infrastructure Epos-France: photos of stations, maps of instrumental networks, videos, posters presenting the project…
  • documents related to seismic events in mainland France and French overseas departments: photos of earthquake damage, images of post-seismic missions, post-seismic reports…
  • scientific papers, theses and articles resulting from research using Epos-France data.

With rare exceptions, the images and other documents in this archive are released under a Creative Common “Attribution 4.0 International” (CC BY 4.0) license, which means that they may be freely used, transformed or put to any other use, including commercial use, provided that the author is acknowledged.

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Hal Epos-France Collection

Speaker Deck

This archive provides material for papers presented at events organized within the framework of the Résif French seismological and geodetic network, then the Epos-France IR. It complements the resources available on the infrastructure website and event websites.

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Speaker Deck