TCS Geomagnetic observations

Picrogramme du TCS Observations géomagnetiques

Data products describing magnetic activity

Data products describing magnetic activity are made available to EPOS through ISGI. Magnetic activity indices are computed with 3 levels of qualification: real-time, provisional (up to D-2) and definitive (internationally approved; delay can be from a few months to a few years). Magnetic characters, for calm or disturbed days, are determined on a provisional and definitive basis.

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Magnetic data

Data from French magnetic observatories (magnetograms; real-time, preliminary and definitive data) are available via the Bureau Central de Magnétisme Terrestre website. The BCMT, the national center for observatory magnetic data, will be connected indirectly to EPOS via the international centers WDC for Geomagnetism Edinburgh and Intermagnet, to make definitive data available.

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Geomagnetic models

The Reference Internal Magnetic Field (IGRF) is a series of mathematical models of the Earth’s main field and its annual rate of change (secular variation). The IGRF is updated every 5 years and made available to the international community. France submits candidate models, participates in the working group, and contributes to the elaboration of the IGRF. The international IGRF product is made available to EPOS through dedicated web services.

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World Magnetic Anomaly Map

The World Digital Magnetic Anomaly Map compiles, in a single grid, the world’s magnetic anomalies caused by the Earth’s lithosphere, over continental and oceanic zones. Version 2.0 of this map, known as the World Digital Magnetic Anomaly Map (WDMAM), is available via a dedicated website. France is contributing to the development of WDMAM, leading the international working group and hosting the website. The international WDMAM product will be made available through EPOS.

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