New publication on the ObservaTerre website: field gravimetry

A new field chronicle is available on our website ObservaTerre (only french version): the episode “Suivre la dynamique de l’eau dans le sous-sol grâce à la gravimétrie” relates an outing on the Vosges heights within the framework of the DREEM project of the Institut Terre et Environnement de Strasbourg. The project aims to collect, by different methods, data that will be used for the construction and calibration of a model reproducing the underground flows to understand the dynamics of the evolution of water in these medium mountain areas.

The outing of March 6, 2023, with Nolwenn Lesparre and those of Frédéric Masson, both researchers at ITES, and Jean-Daniel Bernard, gravimetric engineer, aimed to initiate the series of gravimetric measurements planned in the framework of the project. The story of this episode is enhanced with photos and podcasts.

Other sequences of measurements are planned just after rainy episodes, to observe the infiltration of rain in the subsoil.

In the main instrumental role, a CG6 gravity meter from PGrav de Résif National Park!

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Paramétrage du gravimètre CG6 Résif.

Paramétrage du gravimètre CG6 Résif par Nolwenn Lesparre (ITES) © V. Bertrand, EOST/Résif