The ForM@Ter Solid Earth data and services cluster aims to facilitate access to digital data for the Solid Earth domain, and to provide services and tools for discovering, visualizing, processing and analyzing them.

Since its creation, ForM@Ter has made available, via its catalog, a wide range of data in the various fields of the Solid Earth. The cluster has also developed services for on-demand calculations, systematic calculations based on calls for ideas or activation, and visualization in the fields of imaging and space geodesy. As part of the Data Terra Research Infrastructure and the Gaia Data project, it is also involved in building a national digital infrastructure to support its missions.

The call for proposals for the development of services (AAS) aims to broaden the range of services available for ForM@Ter data. It is primarily aimed at the Solid Earth research community, from Higher Education and Research establishments.

The ISA concerns three types of request:

  • the development of elementary data services,
  • the development of data transformation services generating products,
  • the development of on-demand processing and/or analysis services in interactive mode, using computing and storage resources that are transparent to the user.

The aim of the projects submitted is to create a demonstrator or develop an operational service.

Submission of projects via the online form before April 30, 2024.

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