Job title: Seismological observation and imaging to understand processes in the lithosphere-asthenosphere envelope M/F

Type of contract: Junior Professorship
Contract duration: between 3 and 6 years, depending on the research project and the profile of the successful candidate
Level: Confirmed
Profile required: PhD or equivalent degree, or proof of scientific qualifications and work judged equivalent by the establishment’s competent body.
Remuneration: Gross annual salary of 54,600 Euros to 57,800 Euros depending on professional experience.
Location: Paris Strasbourg Grenoble Nice
Scientific theme: Internal Earth
Section(s) CN : 18 – Earth and telluric planets: structure, history, models


The CNRS is recruiting a high-level, experienced seismologist-researcher (M/F) for a junior professorship. The successful candidate will be a driving force in the development of new approaches to the acquisition and exploitation of seismological data, with particular emphasis on data from national observation services and national instrument fleets. He/she will aim to gain a better understanding of the physico-chemical processes that govern the Earth’s dynamics. The candidate will make a major contribution to the development of the national community, in particular through the Epos-France research infrastructure and the EOST (Strasbourg), IPG-Paris, OSUG (Grenoble), OCA (Nice) and EOST (Strasbourg) observatories.

Information on the jury to follow.

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Application deadline

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

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