The ObservaTerre website is specially designed for anyone interested in the sciences that study Earth’s movements, particularly in France. It features a wide variety of content: texts, photos, videos, and two series of podcasts: “Observers: how to study the Earth’s interior without the Earth without ever digging it up” and “Scientists at the microphone”, in which in which scientists talk about their observation and research in simple terms.

In this 7th episode (french language) , Valérie Ballu, a geophysicist at the CNRS who observes volcanic activity using seafloor geodesy. More Valérie is a researcher at the Littoral, environnement et sociétés Littoral, environnement et sociétés laboratory in La Rochelle, where she the movements of the earth’s crust, both on land and at sea.

In this episode, she talks to us about underwater geodesy and the way geodesy and how it’s being used in Mayotte to better understand what’s been the emergence of the Fani Maoré undersea volcano, which has been generating regular seismic activity since 2018.

Playing time: 2 mn 41

7e épisode de la série podcast "Les observateurs" : Valérie Ballu nous parle de géodésie sous-marine.

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