The Action Spécifique Sismologie Mobile Marine makes marine seismological instruments available to the French scientific community. The instruments available and how to borrow them are explained on the Action’s website, in the “Instrumentation” and “Conditions of use” sections.

Requests will be evaluated twice a year, in autumn and spring, and the deadlines for these requests are September 30 and March 31 of each year.

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Deux micrOBS, l’un équipé d’un géophone classique 4,5 HZ et l’autre comportant un capteur MEMs, en test à côté de la station RAP UBBR dans les locaux de l’IUEM à Plouzané (crédit photo : Sara Bazin)

Two micrOBS, one equipped with a conventional 4.5 HZ geophone and the other with a MEMs sensor, are being tested alongside the RAP UBBR station on the IUEM premises in Plouzané © Sara Bazin