The next Wegener Assembly will take place from October 24 to 27, 2023 in Sousse, Tunisia. It will be organized by the Office National des Mines de Tunisie (ONM), in conjunction with the Institut National de la Météorologie and the Office de la Topographie et du Cadastre.

Traditionally, Wegener brings together geodesists working in and around the Mediterranean through a scientific assembly organized every two years. After the congress held in Grenoble in 2018, followed by a long hiatus due to the pandemic, the XXth assembly will return to the southern shores of the Mediterranean.

In the meantime, Wegener has been integrated into a new “seismo-geodesy” commission, a joint venture between the International Association of Geodesy (IAG) and the International Association for Seismology and Physics of the Earth’s Interior (IASPEI).

We invite you to come and discuss one of the proposed themes in the pleasant setting of the city of Sousse:
– Session 1: The earthquake sequence of 6 February 2023: Surface ruptures and geodynamic model at a triple junction.
– Session 2. From Hazard to Risk: Implications of geodetic research to society.
– Session 3. Improving understanding of magmatic and volcanic process.
– Session 4. The seismic cycle: from transient and precursory deformation to seismic ruptures.
– Session 5. Active faults: reconciling short- and long-term observations.
– Session 6. Intracontinental deformation and slowly deforming areas.
– Session 7. Vertical movements of the earth surface, sea level and potential fields.
– Session 8. Multi-timescale glacier and landslide processes.
– Session 9. Technical and methodological developments, and large networks handling.

Two excursions are planned: Active faults near Sfax city and catastrophic deposits related to the paleotsunami (East Tunisia coastline).

Workshops on seismo-geodesy tools will be held on October 23, the day before the start of the conference.

Download: XXth Wegener Assembly – Sousse, Tunisia – October 24-27, 2023

Registration and abstract submission:

Deadlines :
– Abstract submission: July 15, 2023
– Registration: August 15, 2023


XXème Assemblée Wegener – Sousse, Tunisie – 24-27 Octobre 2023