The “ObservaTerre” Résif-Epos website, dedicated to the general public, has just put online a new version of the interactive map allowing to visualize the signals recorded during the last 24 hours, quarter by quarter, by all the stations of the French broadband seismological network (in metropolitan France only). The information is updated every two hours.

The page also presents the map and the number of earthquakes for which the station has been used by the BCSF-Rénass in its work of precise localization of each seismic event.

Finally, for each station, the records made by the station of the last events of interest in Europe and in the world are shown. The information on these earthquakes is updated according to certain criteria, in particular the magnitude of the earthquake.

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Carte de de France métropolitaine des stations RLBP Résif.
Map of the stations © S. Benahmed, OMP Toulouse
Site web l'ObservaTerre : signaux de la station OGVA le 31 mars.
Page displaying the signals and earthquakes recorded by the OGVA station on March 31, 2023 at mid-day © S. Benahmed, OMP Toulouse