A new podcast in the “Observers” series is available on the Résif l’ObservaTerre website, dedicated to the general public, teachers, students and journalists.

This episode focuses on marine seismology, with Wayne Crawford, marine seismologist at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, talking about the interest and challenges of seismological measurements on the ocean floor. Listening time: 3mn 28s

The “Observers: how to discover the Earth’s interior without (almost) ever digging it up” series lets you discover in just a few minutes one of the favorite research subjects or main activities of some of the 200 scientists, engineers and technicians belonging to one of the 18 universities and research organizations brought together in the Résif-Epos consortium, who collaborate on a daily basis to observe and analyze the deformations of the Earth’s surface.

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Photo Wayne Crawford et ses collègues lors d'une campagne en mer.
Photo Wayne Crawford (en blanc) et ses collègues lors d’une campagne en mer en 2017 © Saikiran Tharimena, Université de Southampton