The National Council of Astronomers and Physicists opens its recruitment via open competition in the field of the internal Earth for 2 positions of physicists and 2 positions of assistant physicists likely to be vacant.

The following Research Infrastructures, National Observing Services and National Observing Actions have priority in the 2023 recruitment.

For vacant physicist positions :
– The NOA3 « Responsibilities within the National Observing Services ISDEFORM », in relation to ForM@Ter.

For Assistant Physicist positions that may become vacant :
– The NOA2 « Production and analysis of Shakemaps » of which BCSF-Rénass and RAP are the associated National Observing Services
– The NOA3 « Underwater geodesy or sea level change monitoring » of which the Rénag and Sonel are the associated National Observing Services


28th February : Closing of applications
3-4th April : Pre-selection of candidates
22-26th May : Auditions

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