The national GNSS observation network Rénag, managed by the national observation service of the same name, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. For this occasion, the annual anniversary general meeting will be held on 16 June in Paris at the Société Géologique de France*, followed as every year by the general meeting of the GPSmob instrumental park. This year, these meetings will precede the first general assembly of the Résif-GNSS Specific Action, which aims to federate the GNSS observation players within the framework of Résif, and which will be held on 16 and 17 June, in the same venue.

These days will be the occasion to exchange on the scientific objectives of the networks, to consider their evolution, and to work on common actions in particular within the framework of the extension of the Specific Action. They are open to colleagues who wish to attend, subject to availability.

Program of the general assembly of Résif-GNSS action

Register online here.

Assemblée générale Résif-Rénag et Action transverse GNSS Résif - Progamme

*Société Géologique de France, Maison de la Géologie, 77 rue Claude Bernard, 75005 Paris. Van Straelen Room


  • Alexis Rigo (GPSmob)
  • Mathilde Vergnolle (Specific Action)
  • Marianne Métois (Rénag)
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